Is your blog currently just a place for random posts that you write only when you feel like it? Did you know that blog posting is important for search engine optimization and, therefore, for driving sales to your product or service? In other words, your blog could be making you money. With the right marketing strategy and persistence, your blog could be one of the best things you’ve created for your business.

Search engine optimization is bringing as many visitors to your website through legal strategies, called “white hat”. These are strategies that pull potential customers to keyword phrases, associated with your niche, that are used by search engines such as Google. Blogs are a great assistance with that, and here are some ways that can be achieved.

Use Keyword Phrases

The strongest and most appropriate keyword phrases for your niche are one of the main parts of successful search engine optimization or SEO. When people search on Google, they type in certain words to find what they’re looking for. If you’ve captured the correct keywords for your niche and incorporated them into your blog, you have a high chance of showing up on the first pages of Google. When people see the link to your blog, they’ll click it, and then you have the opportunity to show them what you’re about. So incorporate the right keywords appropriately in your title, subtitle, written content, videos and more.

Post Good Quality and Often

Just having the right keyword phrases is not enough for SEO. You’ll need to post to your blog, and you’ll need to do it often, at least once a week for best results. But here’s a situation where quality is more important than quantity. Your blog posts need to be well-written and original, incorporating keyword phrases naturally into the content. It’s better to post one well-written blog post once a week than one poorly-written blog post every day.

Pay Attention to Your Links

Another thing that makes blog posting critical for SEO are your links. Linking to other content on your blog is extremely important for gaining visibility on search engines. You can link to other content on your blog, but you can also link to content on other blogs. When linking to content on other blogs, it’s important that the content is as well-written and original as your original content that you’re providing.

Encourage Comments

Well-written, search engine optimized blog posts encourage comments, and the more, the merrier. Your goal is not only to offer content but also to get engagement. Then, when people comment on your blog posts, your job is to interact with the people who comment by answering questions, sharing experiences and just showing that you care. When potential customers can sense that you care about them, they are much more likely to check out your products or services.

Blog posting is important for SEO and if you keep your blog content fresh, original, interesting and search engine optimized, you’ll see results. Your blog can become a huge attractor of customers for your business.