A sub-headline for this article might be – “Why It’s Important To Spend Money On Signs To Let People Know What Your Business Is All About”. A part of being a business success includes understanding why SEO is important for your business. Keep reading to get and education about this topic.

Here’s a way to understand why SEO for your online business today is important. Compare the business of thirty years ago to this metaphor about business today. It can help you understand why SEO helps your business succeed. Taking the time to read this entire article will definitely give you a better understanding why SEO is important for your business.

Pretend that you opened a business in a building. In the olden days, you would need to have a way to get customers. If you put a sign on the building, a passersby would know what the business is about. Additionally, if you wanted more customers than just the passersby, you would put signs all around town. Loads of people would know about your business. And, you would have more customers.

Nowadays, to let people know you have a business, you set up a website. In both scenarios back then and now, if people don’t know about you, you don’t have customers.

Business owners thirty years ago paid to have signs custom created for their business. They pay to have signs created today, too. To be more visible to prospective customers, people pay for SEO which is a very time consuming and technical service. Just as you expect people to pay you for the business solutions you offer, it is reasonable for you to expect to pay for online signs that make you more visible to your market. Those signs are called SEO.

Signs explain what your store is all about. Electronically, for your website, you need the electronic equivalent of signs that reveal what your business is about. The electronic way of letting people know what your business is about is called SEO.

Are You Understanding Why SEO is Important For Your Business?

SEO comes in two versions. One is onpage. Onpage SEO means it is on your website. The second version of SEO is called offpage SEO. In offpage SEO, you tell people all about your business in locations other than on your website’s pages.

Understand that no matter if you have a business in a building or, you work from your home and use your website as a virtual storefront, you still need to tell people about your business. To do this for your website, you erect the equivalent of signs on your virtual storefront. The signs let people know the unique and valuable service or products your business offers. When they know exactly what problem you solve for them via your website’s signs, they know to come to ONLY you to solve THEIR specific problem.

Electronically for your website, people look online in something called search engines. Examples of search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Using SEO in the unique description of your wonderful business shows up in the search engines. If you do NOT have SEO there for your business, you essentially make your business invisible to prospective customers.

Onpage and Offpage SEO

The sign on the business building of yesteryear is like something called onpage SEO. Onpage SEO is SEO done on your website pages. Signs all around the town telling about your business is like offpage SEO. It’s good to keep paying for more signs to be put up as more people will see the signs. This is why people continue to pay for ongoing SEO.

Thirty years ago, when a business owner wanted to have more customers, he or she would also advertise on radio or TV. In the online world, that is called PPC or Pay Per Click. Online advertising can be expensive. If you have the budget and you want your business to grow quickly, then you budget for both having and using signs (SEO) and radio TV advertising which today would be advertising and PPC.

While both are good, PPC can cost a lot of money. Much like running an advertisement for a specific amount of time, once you run the ad, your business is no longer visible via advertising. A person sees your ad once, then it’s gone.

It’s similar to running an ad in a newspaper. Once you read the newspaper and see the ad on one day, it doesn’t reappear the next day unless you paid for an additional day.

SEO is like having signs. Once you erect the signs, they are there forever. In other words, you only pay once for a sign to be created and you can then use it forever. Therefore, having a sign created (i.e., paying for SEO) and using it is much more cost effective than regularly paying for advertising and PPC.